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Zonsen Group Party Committee

Zonsen Group Party Committee, founded in July 1999, currently has one sub-party committee, two directly affiliated party branches, 22 grassroots party branches, and manages more than 600 party members, accounting for 6% of the company's employees. Since its establishment, the group’s party committee has always been adhering to the work concept of “doing party building like a product”, actively exploring new models of non-public party building work under the modern enterprise system, and promoting the integration, systematization and standardization of Zonsen’s party building, forming the "three The Party building work method of "Bio-Three-Chemistry and Three-Synchronization" creatively realizes the effective integration of the development of party building, the promotion of enterprise development, the training of talents, and the leading of corporate culture, and has embarked on a unique path of party-enterprise integration. Won successively "Chongqing Advanced Primary Party Organization" and "National Top 100 Party Organization of Non-Public Enterprises"; led the group organization to create "National May 1st Labor Award", "National Model Workers' Home", "National Workers "Pioneer", "Advanced Collective of National Trade Union System", "National May Fourth Red Flag League Branch" and many other awards. It is a national non-public enterprise party building research and practice base, the third batch of municipal cadre training field teaching bases in Chongqing jointly named by the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee Organization Department, the Municipal Party School, and the Municipal Administration College. The first nationally passed ISO9001: 2015 party building quality management system Certified private enterprise party organization.

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