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Hundred million

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Hundred million


Zonsen Industrial Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Zonsen Group”) was established in 1982. In recent years, under the leadership of the founder Zuo Zongshen, Zonsen Group is transforming from the traditional manufacturing industry to the integration of industry, finance, and internet business, and striving to build a leading industrial internet ecological platform in the world.


Industry is the solid foundation for Zonsen to develop the industrial internet. Zonsen is known for its engine core technology. Its products include motorcycle engines, special vehicle engines, general engines, boat engines and its end power products include motorcycles, special vehicles, garden machinery, small and medium-sized agricultural machinery. It is among the top in the industry in terms of motorcycle engines, general engines and tricycles. Over the past 38 years, Zonsen has been engaging in manufacturing business, and has grown into a power system integration expert and an industry leader in excellent manufacturing.

Zonsen focuses on new energy power in the transformation and upgrading of industrial sectors. In the field of new energy, Zonsen invests in hairpin motors, electric controllers, continuously variable transmissions (CVTs), integration of electric power systems, wireless charging, hydrogen fuel cells, Electra Meccanica Vehicles, super capacitors and other projects, which can provide integrated power systems and solutions for new energy vehicles.

Zonsen upgrades manufacturing business with new internet technology, builds platforms, shares resources, cooperates with partners, empowers the industrial chain, and achieves information-based, digital and intelligent manufacturing.


Zonsen Finance focuses on providing services for the upper and lower industries in the industrial chain.

Zonsen engages in small loans (including online small loans), factoring, finance leasing, and asset management business, and it can provide comprehensive solutions. Zonsen has investments in Chongqing Fumin Bank, whose main business is internet finance. The Zhong Yi Fund and the Betrust Fund affiliated to Zonsen invest in high and new technology, new materials, and new types of business, which innovatively boosts the development of the industrial chain.

Internet Business

Driven by big data and intelligence, Zonsen actively explores the "advanced manufacturing + internet" model, creates a product life cycle value chain of smart research and development, smart manufacturing, smart products, smart service, smart finance, and gradually builds an industrial internet ecological platform that integrates the three platforms " + Automobile and Motorcycle Exchange + Master Zuo ". focuses on new smart manufacturing. It is one of the first national industrial Internet platform pilot demonstration projects released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. With the commercial layer for the resource coordination and transaction services of the entire industrial chain, the core technology layer for logo decoding, intelligent manufacturing, and industrial APP, etc., and the application scenario layer for industrial Internet industrial park, industrial intelligent empowerment center, and logo decoding innovation center, it provides comprehensive services for traditional manufacturing enterprises, such as intelligent upgrading and cloud service.

Automobile and Motorcycle Exchange focuses on new finance. It is the only licensed exchange in the factor markets of the automobile and motorcycle industries in China. Based on product spot transactions, through transaction settlements, and financial empowerment, it extensively connects internal and external resources of the industry to create a credible exchange for transaction settlement and supply chain finance public services in the automobile and motorcycle industry.

Master Zuo focuses on new retailing. It makes full use of Zonsen's industrial heritage and product advantages of more than 30 years, mobilizes ecological resources such as products, channels, and customers to provide retailers with solutions for a retail upgrade, such as digital procurement, smart stores, precision marketing, vehicle sharing, instant delivery, and credit systems. It facilitates the application of network channels and helps thousands of retailers to do better business.

In the past, Zonsen was a manufacturer of small- and medium-sized engines and end products; now Zonsen is an enterprise integrating industry, finance, and internet business; in the future, Zonsen will be a leading industrial internet ecological platform in the world!

Enterprise Spirit:Unique, Exquisite, Earnest, Creative

Mission:a stock resources optimization enabler, an incremental breakthrough leader

Development Goal:to be a leading worldwide provider of small and medium power systems and industrial internet solutions

Vision:global influence and vitality for one hundred years!